Happy Birthday Pixie!

Our little girl Pixie is one year old today!  Over the last year she has brought a tremendous amount of joy & laughter into our lives.  We are so very blessed to have such a smart, well-behaved dog.  Pixie has such a playful loving personality.  Her favourite things are cuddling up under the blankets, playing with our neighbour's cat Chico, playing fetch with her toy football, learning new tricks and soaking up the sun rays!

The Pattern Base: Over 550 Contemporary Textile And Surface Designs

The PatternBase is a resource and inspirational website dedicated to pattern design.  In 2012, Kristi O'Meara started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish “PATTERNBASE: A Book of Contemporary Textile & Surface Design”.  Within a month the campaign raised funds over the original goal amount.  Now,  three years after the kickstarter was launched the paperback has been released.  This book showcases a collection of contemporary patterns from surface pattern designers from around the world.  I’m delighted to share two of my patterns were selected to be featured in the book.

Welcome Home Pixie!

My husband, Chris, and I have been lucky enough to come from homes that were blessed with animals.  The pet pack I grew up with included 4 dogs and 3 cats.  Our Lhasa Apso still lives with my parents at the ripe age of 14!  Chris grew up with a Lab-Husky and the newest addition a 2 year old Shih tzu- Cocker spaniel mix (who currently lives with his parents). 

After many years of waiting and planning I’m so very excited to announce the newest member of our family, Pixie.  She is a purebred Boston Terrier from Aldar's English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.  Aldar’s was kind enough to let us into their home to pick out our puppy when she was only two days old.  This was one of the happiest moments in our lives; the 3-hour drive was totally worth it!  If you’re interested in getting a Boston Terrier I would highly recommend that you contact Aldar’s.  We had such a great experience dealing with them, I would be happy to discuss them with you or answer any questions you may have!

Uppercase Magazine: Surface Pattern Design Guide

The Uppercase Magazine Spring 2014 issue is a special guide featuring 100 of the best established and up-and-coming surface pattern designers.  This edition is available to media at Surtex Trade show in New York City.  Over 300 entrants submitted to be in the magazine so I was so thrilled to be part of it and have my work exposed.

If you haven’t seen the magazine before you need to check it out! It has great articles is visually stimulating; a digital version is available online: Uppercase Spring 2014